We Turn Houses Into Homes!

Quality home trim aims to give customers the best finishing carpentry at the most competitive price possible. We are the finest and most professional trim carpenters in southern Ontario and we take extreme pride in our work. We have over 25 years of experience and it shows.  

Our unparalleled workmanship is visually stunning and at the same time, attainable on a budget. Our cost effective project planning will help you make your home into something beautiful without worrying about going over your budget. No matter how small the project, we will do our best to make every customer happy.



Baseboard is a necessary and integral part of trim carpentry. No matter what height, style or material baseboard you choose, our base will be installed perfectly. We hit studs when installing baseboard to ensure a lasting job and our coping skills are top notch!


Window Casing

Window casing is very important when it comes to trim, as it sits eye level with most people, it is very important to have this done properly. Each window frame is different, but we keep our margins tight and make each window cohesive and beautiful.


Doors & Hardware

Hanging a door properly takes finesse and know how. If a door and door frame isn't installed properly the user will know immediately. We always make sure our doors are level and keep proper margins.


Exterior Locks

We install top notch grip sets and locks on exterior doors with precision and expertise. The feeling of a door closing easily and properly is an often overlooked luxury in life. We aim to make every exterior door feel as if you were closing and locking a luxury vehicle. 


Cappings & Low Walls

We use quality material for creating surfaces that you will use every day. Our low walls, cappings and parapet openings are built to last and stand up to the everyday use of a family. We make sure that these elements are strong and eye catching everytime.


Chair Rail

This trim element is very underused in our opinion. It combines both function and form, with its inherent ability to protect dry and its visually appealing ability to split the wall top to bottom. This is a classic trim technique is one we love to do.  



This element goes hand in hand with Chair rail. The idea behind wainscoting is to add height and space to a smaller space as well as (obviously) to look stunning and appealing. As always, our work stays true and square and installed to last.


Crown Moulding

Crown Moulding, being one of the most popular add-ons, is a graceful and elegant trim element. This moulding has many uses, creating a beautiful transition between wall and ceiling is the most common.